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About is not a car dealer AND is not affiliated with any car dealer. It is a vehicle resource website built with you in mind. One of the purposes of this site is to educate consumers with the goal of making the interaction between a potential car buyer and a car dealer more efficient. Miscommunication on both sides generally don't lead to a sale. The would-be customer leaves the dealership bitter and frustrated. In many instances the car dealer is only part of the problem. That old saying "the customer is always right," is nonsense. Car dealers as well as buyers that are uneducated about the car sales process can BOTH lead to a potential customer having a bad experience.

Providing very easy to use and consumer friendly resources is the main goal of this site. Sure, there are a lot of other sites that offer car buying advice and information, but many of them have become less consumer-friendly over the years. They cater more to the dealers. Many of these sites are BOMBARDED WITH ADS, hard to navigate, and overly and unnecessarily flashly. aims to bring you the information you need quick and simple. We look forward to growing and adding more useful tools. There are so many ideas in the pipeline. Thanks for checking us out!

About Me

My name is Matt Hill and I am the creator/developer of I've been in the car business for over 11 years, filling a variety of positions. I've done Internet Sales, vehicle photography, written descriptions, drawn up ADs, maintained the dealership's website, provided IT support... the list could go on and on. The point is that all of these positions have given me a pretty unique perspective of the car business. I've seen many would-be customers that leave the dealership unhappy for various reasons. I've seen quite a few people trade in new cars (less than a year old) because they rushed into buying and ended up hating it. I've seen many misleading (unless you read the very fine print) advertisements. Basically, there are many faults in the car sales industry, and I want to point them out. I want car buyers AND car dealers to be on the "same page." That is more likely to lead to a sale. You get a good deal on a car, and the dealer gets to sell you that car.

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