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Car Buying Resources Designed with the Average Person in Mind

So many vehicle-related websites have become bloated with ads and harder to use. was designed to bring back the user-friendly car research experience. You shouldn't have to sift through a bunch of different links or provide your contact information just to find car pricing or to locate a dealer. There are literally thousands of car-related websites on the internet, but many of them are created with car dealers in mind. Yourbestdealer was created with the average person in mind. Our hope is to become an educational and informative website that will help you make smarter car buys. All too often, people buy vehicles just to end up regretting their purchase shortly after. One of our goals is to help you avoid that! Click here to read about some common car buying mistakes.

Easily Find a Car Dealer

With a database of over 17,249 car dealers in the USA, makes it easy to find a dealership near you. Whether you're looking to buy a car, service your vehicle, or are looking for factory auto parts, our locator should help you anything from Honda dealers in Alaska to Ford dealers in Virginia! You can search by zip code or state. Results are streamlined for easy viewing. There aren't many easier ways to find a car dealer than that! The site is totally free to use, so take advantage! Best of all, we are continously growing and developing more new features.

Warranty and Manufacturer Info, Recalls, and More

We can all agree that it's annoying not being able to find what we are looking for. So many websites make you click through multiple pages and scan through numerous paragraphs to find simple information. That's not how we do it. provides easy access to new vehicle warranties, manufacturer recalls, car dealers, and other important information. We hope your visit to this site proves useful. Thanks for checking us out!

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